These Five Things Will Make Your First Guest Post Memorable

guest post services

Guest Post Service

Guest posts are very important to the professional blogger. These posts are an opportunity to attract new readers to your own blog and also serve to give you valuable backlinks. If you have been given the opportunity to do a guest post for a blog there is a need to make your writing shine. It is important that readers remember your post and your name. Here are five things you should do before writing.

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Blog You Are Writing For

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guest blogging services

You can’t write a great guest post if you aren’t familiar with the blog in question. Your writing will come off as phony if you don’t understand the environment. It is important to spend some time reading the blog before you begin composing a guest post.

In an ideal world you would only seek guest posting opportunities on blogs that interest you. For many writers this is not possible. There are financial issues to consider. As a freelance writer you must take jobs wherever you can find them.

Take a few hours and peruse the archives of the blog you are going to be writing for. Focus on posts that have a lot of engagement and comments. Pay attention to the style and wording. Replicate this tone in your own work.

2. Value Content Over Promotion

When making a guest post it can be tempting to promote your own work. You want to use the guest post to attract new readers but self-promotion will turn them off. Focus instead on creating valuable content.

If the content you produce helps the reader or entertains them, they will find their way to your blog. You must trust your writing skills to convey that your writing is worth reading. This is what will attract new visitors.

guest post service

guest posting services

3. Follow Up With Comments

Your guest post is likely to receive some engagement in the form of comments. As the author you should be ready to chime in and reply to the comments of readers. This also helps with SEO and keeping your post popular.

Readers are funny creatures. They like to know that someone is listening to their feedback. When you take the time to reply to them personally the chance that they will read your blog increases.

If you haven’t already created an account with Disqus, do so before you guest post. Many blogs are using this platform to manage the comments on their blog.

4. Use Social Media for Promotion

Don’t assume that the owner of the blog will satisfactorily promote your work. Be proactive and promote the blog on your own social media channels. You can also create a link to the post on your own blog so that your regular readers can also enjoy the post.

5. Write Better Than Usual

It is important to bring your A-game when making a guest post. First impressions are critical. The owner of the blog will ask you to contribute more guest posts if what you write is sensational.

It is easy to become lazy on your own blog. You have a built in audience of readers and might be able to get away with shoddy writing on occasion. Your tone and style doesn’t always have to be flawless. Things are different when you use a guest post service. Do your very best work.